lundi 22 octobre 2012

Homefront - US Hero

Once upon a time, the US Army was a well-oiled and well-funded machine capable of projecting massive power anywhere in the world.

Due to the burdening economic recession in America, the United States Department of Defense scaled down the military budget resulting in a weaker US army.

After the KPA attacks on the United States, the army was scattered across the country and pushed back up to Canada. The remaining soldiers were forced to use older equipment such as the M4, but have extensive training whith modern rifles like the SCAR or the ACR

In 2027, the U.S. Armed Forces regrouped and successfully retook the cities of San Francisco and San Diego in its counter-offensive in the American west coast. They are currently retaking the rest of the occupied United States from the Koreans.

Now you can be a Hero as well and help reconquer Liberty City !

replaces Brucie in GTA IV

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