mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Homefront - M4

Tonight, Rooster Armament discloses a new weapon: the M4

Attachments: - Holographic Sight Mk1

Download M4

dimanche 23 septembre 2012


The T3AK has been updated and improved. DOWNLOAD it from the Blog !!! (24/09/12)

 - Weapon has been rescaled
 - Hands position has been modified
 - Holographic changed completely and improved graphically

The DIABLO has been updated and improved. DOWNLOAD it from the Blog !!! (23/09/12)

- Hands position has been improved
- Reflex sight has been changed and graphically ameliorated

Homefront - M16

Rooster Armament is particularly generous today with a second weapon: M16

Attachments: - Holographic Mk1

Once again the holo sight is now see-through, but with a special holographic red crosshair.
The see-through will be on every future weapon, isn't it a good news?

Homefront - SV45

Rooster Armament is glad to finally provide you with this new weapon: SuperV45

Attachments: - Reflex Mk2

You can't see it on the pictures but the Reflex is now see-through with green-dot.
Apologies for the hand-position on this weapon, it's the best possible with this 3D model.

vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Quality / Updates

Hello Homefront and GTA fans, users and downloaders of my weapons,

The quote for today is "it's all about quality."

I wanted to upload a new weapon for you tonight, but after seeing that the SCAR LMG received a satisfying grade on GTAInside, I decided to improve even more the quality of the future weapons so you guys like them even more!!!

That's why I spent my evening re-working on a weapon I had already done, to fix some issues and improve other things. Not everything could be fixed due to the 3D model I'm using, but it's still playable and very detailed.

This weapon will be available tomorrow only on this Blog.

Here is also a list of the weapon I will restart from scratch on in a near future:
- T3AK will be resized and improved graphically
- DIABLO will be improved graphically
- Another weapon I was suppose to upload for you, but will be re-worked.

If you like Rooster Armament weapons, I would appreciate you leave a comment on the Blog or rate the weapon on GTA Inside.

mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Homefront - M110

Rooster Armament has a treat for you for this end of the week: a sniper rifle !

This new weapon is the M110.

Attachment: - Scope

mardi 18 septembre 2012

lundi 17 septembre 2012

Homefront - DIABLO

Rooster Armament uncovers the updated version of its most downloaded weapon yet: DIABLO

Attachments: - Reflex Mk3


Rooster Armament is dedicated to provide weapons for Homefront enthusiasts to play in their GTA IV.

What could be more awesome than to uncover new weapons in the hands of Homefront characters, then ?

Next weapons will be therefore presented to you by KPA Police or Military members that we specially recruited for the occasion !

Player / Pedestrian models have been created by Ac.Amir and can be downloaded directly on his website: 

dimanche 16 septembre 2012


Dear users and Homefront fans,

I realized a week after ceating the T3AK that I made a mistake with the holographic sight's textures.

For people that really dislike the weapon because of the "rainbow window" on the holographic, I do apologize and the T3AK will be updated with better graphics as soon as possible.
Because I deleted the files, I will have to start from scratch again.

In the meantime, I decided that to provide new weapons would be my priority.

Next weapons will not suffer from bad texturing and I guarantee you will fully enjoy them!

T3AK fans, hold tight I won't forget you.

mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Homefront - T3AK

Rooster Armament proudly presents the updated version: T3AK 

Attachments: - Rail
                      - Holographic Mk3


Welcome on Rooster Armament !!!

Rooster Armament is dedicated to provide quality modded weapons for GTA 4.

Every now and then, a new weapon will be presented, so check Rooster Armament regularly.

Rooster Armament put a lot of time and efforts in making the weapons just for you, so please respect other people's work and ask for permission to share it on other websites.