vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Quality / Updates

Hello Homefront and GTA fans, users and downloaders of my weapons,

The quote for today is "it's all about quality."

I wanted to upload a new weapon for you tonight, but after seeing that the SCAR LMG received a satisfying grade on GTAInside, I decided to improve even more the quality of the future weapons so you guys like them even more!!!

That's why I spent my evening re-working on a weapon I had already done, to fix some issues and improve other things. Not everything could be fixed due to the 3D model I'm using, but it's still playable and very detailed.

This weapon will be available tomorrow only on this Blog.

Here is also a list of the weapon I will restart from scratch on in a near future:
- T3AK will be resized and improved graphically
- DIABLO will be improved graphically
- Another weapon I was suppose to upload for you, but will be re-worked.

If you like Rooster Armament weapons, I would appreciate you leave a comment on the Blog or rate the weapon on GTA Inside.

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