lundi 22 octobre 2012

Homefront - US Hero

Once upon a time, the US Army was a well-oiled and well-funded machine capable of projecting massive power anywhere in the world.

Due to the burdening economic recession in America, the United States Department of Defense scaled down the military budget resulting in a weaker US army.

After the KPA attacks on the United States, the army was scattered across the country and pushed back up to Canada. The remaining soldiers were forced to use older equipment such as the M4, but have extensive training whith modern rifles like the SCAR or the ACR

In 2027, the U.S. Armed Forces regrouped and successfully retook the cities of San Francisco and San Diego in its counter-offensive in the American west coast. They are currently retaking the rest of the occupied United States from the Koreans.

Now you can be a Hero as well and help reconquer Liberty City !

replaces Brucie in GTA IV

jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Homefront - KPA Army

By 2024, the GKR launched their own satellites and had set its sights on the financially and militarily weakened United States of America. By 2025, KPA forces began a mass invasion of the United States after an orbital EMP strike, seizing Hawaii, and controlling San Francisco, resulting in two years of occupation in the United States. Within those two years, the Korean military had seized all of the United States major cities including Liberty City, and as such commenced with Operation Watersnake in an attempt to maintain its hold on the occupied areas. Under the Korean Occupation, the KPA enforced a very harsh rule over American citizens and warred against the American Resistance, in which the KPA were willing to punish and even kill American civilians in retaliation to the attacks committed by the Resistance.

KPA Soldiers are using the standard T3AK.

Download KPA Army
replaces Swat + FBI + Strooper in GTA IV

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Homefront - Rianna

Meet Rianna,

She's from Northern Colorado and she's an expert hunter. When North Korea invaded the country, she didn't hesitate too long before joining the Resistance.

Her favorite weapon is the Diablo, and while she's very emotional she doesn't mind using it to get rid of NK Police.

mardi 9 octobre 2012

Homefront - ACR

Rooster Armament finally delivers one of its best weapons: ACR

Attachments: - Holographic Mk2

lundi 8 octobre 2012


Infamous KPA soldiers and Courageous Resistants,

A new weapon was promised to you on this beginning of the week... and you're still waiting !

Rooster Armament would like to apologize for this, but it has been preparing you an awesome suprise for this week-end. It required a lot of work, that's why the weapon has been delayed.

Stay tuned for the next weapon arriving on Tuesday, and the big surprise during the week-end.

Rooster Armament  guarantee you won't be disappointed !!!

dimanche 7 octobre 2012


To the Brave Resistants or Ruthless KPA soldiers,

Rooster Armament has been rewarding its supporters with exclusive weapons since its creation. 
The goal is not to have the best downloads number, but to provide Homefront fans with the high-quality weapons they love.
That is why there is a majority of the following weapons that are only disclosed and downloadable on this blog.

From NOW ON, future weapons will be available on Rooster Armament only !!!

Homefront - M249

Rooster Armament provides you another devastating weapon: M249

Attachments: - Rail
                       - ACOG Mk3

jeudi 4 octobre 2012

lundi 1 octobre 2012


Members of the Resistance or Oppressing forces of the KPA,

I'd like to let you know that hand-positioning is probably the most meticulous task when converting a weapon to GTA IV.

In an effort to provide you with the best quality possible, I always try my best to get the hands right on the weapon.

That is why my weapons are usually adjusted to Niko or Luis hands.
Do not be surprised if my weapons are not adapted to any custom player hands.

That is also the reason why most of the time, hands on my blog's pictures don't seem to be fitted.

Once again: they are to Niko/Luis.

I hope you enjoy Homefront weapons as mush as I do.

Be sure to continue to check regularly to download the latest ones ;)

Homefront - E870

Rooster Armament helps you to shread enemies apart with the new: E870