jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Homefront - KPA Army

By 2024, the GKR launched their own satellites and had set its sights on the financially and militarily weakened United States of America. By 2025, KPA forces began a mass invasion of the United States after an orbital EMP strike, seizing Hawaii, and controlling San Francisco, resulting in two years of occupation in the United States. Within those two years, the Korean military had seized all of the United States major cities including Liberty City, and as such commenced with Operation Watersnake in an attempt to maintain its hold on the occupied areas. Under the Korean Occupation, the KPA enforced a very harsh rule over American citizens and warred against the American Resistance, in which the KPA were willing to punish and even kill American civilians in retaliation to the attacks committed by the Resistance.

KPA Soldiers are using the standard T3AK.

Download KPA Army
replaces Swat + FBI + Strooper in GTA IV

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